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Judy Bolin, President of
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National Women Business Owners
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fuel system audits

Our certified and trained specialists perform an on-site audit of all of your Fueling System Components. Not only will a Fuel System Audit identify non-code items within your system, but quickly identify fuel or components that may fail – the next time you throw the switch.

If you are responsible for your company's back-up power program – do not let this happen to you!

BEI's certified specialists can assist you in address potential problems now. Our trained and certified maintenance crews can be dispatched quickly to start addressing problems and assure your systems are ready to roll.

In disputes involving fuel quality, machinery damage or component failure an audit can help establish that your system is well maintained, operating effectively and checked regularly.

Below is an overview of what we are currently providing to our Major Communication Company clients as well as small businesses and the farming industry:

  • Audit
  • Our Certified Specialists perform and 200+ point check audit your system
  • Maintenance
  • Our Certified Maintenance Crews rectify problems detected from the audit.
  • Fueling Sampling
  • Fuel Sampling taken from audit is analyzed; maintenance crews treat the fuel; then fuel sampling protocol is established.
  • Fueling
  • BEI's Fueling Program where we use our in-house Fueling Professionals to provide quality fueling services or use qualified third-party vendors within our network.
  • Documentation
  • Our in-house database with identify 200+ items from the audit process and retain the data. We will provide you reports identifying deficiencies to keep you in Federal and State compliance.
  • Implementing a Fuel System Auditing program, or scheduled auditing, provides you with the confidence that the individual parts of your system are performing correctly. This helps to reduce the risk of quality disputes and machinery damage. Carried out at regular intervals and tailored to meet your needs, it tests the operational effectiveness of your fueling system.

    A more effective treatment system can also help reduce the risk of component failure and breakdown maintenance and its associated costs. Ineffective fuel treatment is likely to prove problematic and costly for ship operators, leading to undue wear to fuel pumps, injectors, engine components and burner nozzles. This in the long term considerably reduces the time between overhauls and also results in an increase in fuel consumption.

    The program can in addition be particularly helpful when filtering a potentially damaging fuel to determine whether or not certain elements have been reduced to acceptable levels during onboard fuel management procedures, helping you take a more proactive approach.

    Please contact us for more information or to schedule an audit or maintenance.