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Judy Bolin, President of
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National Women Business Owners
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Women Business Enterprises.

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(OCAM) One-Call Monitoring

Third-Party Damage is the number one cause of Pipeline Damage. How do you better protect your assets from Third-Party Damage? BEI can provide "monitors" to keep track of what is happening on your ROW through your One-Call Operations Plan. We call this process OCAM (One-Call Activity Monitoring).

By having additional personnel – BEI OCAM Monitors – you can construct a plan to assist in the protecting of your assets! Working in conjunction with your Operations Personnel our personnel can be assigned to "monitor" activities within or adjacent to your pipeline right-of-way.

This OCAM Protection Process includes:

  • Staying in contact with the contractor to determine their schedule and scope of work planned
  • Visual inspections of the proposed work area (frequency as scheduled)
  • Verification of the site activities
  • Stopping of activities if Third-Party changes scope of work
  • Communications with Operations Personnel

  • OCAM Monitoring Activities will be logged and communicated electronically (and via phone calls as needed). A Monitoring Log will be generated from the time of dispatch through the completion of the project. All Third-Party activities and contact information will be documented.

    When, or if, a crossing of the pipeline is to take place, the BEI Monitor will advise Operation Personnel. The Monitor will schedule a time the Operations Personnel can be on site to inspect the crossing of the pipeline by the Third-Party Contractor. Once the crossing is completed, BEI OCAM Monitor will continue monitoring as determined by the Operations Personnel.

    When you need more eyes and ears monitoring your pipeline, please contact us to develop a program to protect your assets!