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NWBOC Certified

Judy Bolin, President of
Bolin Enterprises, Inc. has been
certified as a business owned and
controlled by a woman by the
National Women Business Owners
Corporation (NWBOC) the first
national certifier of
Women Business Enterprises.

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About Bolin Enterprise Inc.

In 1986, BEI began as a paint and body shop operated out of a garage. The family owned company landed its first big contract 1987 with Trailmobile of Charleston, Ill. Trailmobile hired BEI as their contractor to sandblast and paint flatbed semi trailers. Also in 1987, BEI began working with Marathon Pipe Line Company, performing sandblasting and painting of exposed pipe locations. This rapidly expanded to include a variety of pipeline maintenance projects that propelled BEI into the pipeline maintenance arena. The quality of work and integrity of BEI led to satisfied customers asking us to meet more of their needs. In our more than 25 years of operations, BEI has grown into a company of approximately 190 employees with jobs taking us to nearly half of the continental United States.

BEI is centrally located between Indianapolis, IN and St. Louis, MO on Interstate 70, making it a stone's throw from many major pipelines in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus and various Kentucky markets. Because we have worked in the Midwest and the Ohio Valley, as well as the rest of the country, we know the importance of offering economical pricing. We offer competitive prices on our services, providing real savings to your project costs. BEI also uses Advanced Documentation Protocol to track projects effectively, saving you extra work and Project Closing Costs. With BEI on the job, you can be assured no job is complete until the paperwork is finished. BEI performs a variety of pipeline maintenance services. We have hired a group of employees experienced in Tank Inspection Services. As a result, we have expanded our services to include Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Inspections. We are currently performing UST and AST Tank Inspections all over the USA.

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